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House Cleaning Booking LLC is a premier home cleaning referral agency specializing in locating honest, dependable and hardworking domestic workers to provide cleaning solutions for your home or vacation rental. When you book with House Clearing Booking LLC you agree to the terms of service detailed below. Please feel free to call or email us directly at any time if you have questions regarding these terms.
Service with a smile
Clean equals happy and that is our wish for you! We offer a 100%, zero risk, satisfaction guarantee – if you are not happy with the service provided, we will send a cleaner to re-clean the effected area or item. If you are home at the time of service, please do not be afraid to give us a call directly or let the cleaner know if something was missed or overlooked. Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds, but we are happy to provide a re-clean!

Our warranty period is 24 hours beginning the day services are completed. If you encounter an issue or need to request a re-clean, please give us a call right away and we will schedule a time with the referred domestic worker. Please be sure to adhere to the 24-hour warranty time frame. We may not be able to address requests and complaints made outside of this timeframe.
House Cleaning Booking LLC is not held responsible for loss or damage of items caused by existing wear and tear, improper installation or usage. In the case of rentals, we are not responsible for loss of revenue or damage caused by renters.
Prices are flat rate and calculated based on the total length of time it takes for one person to clean 95% of our homes. It often happens that cleaners will finish before the time limit; however, some homes do require more time to achieve the high standard of service we provide.

Please note: prices are quoted based on the home information provided by the customer and calculated based on the number of rooms in the home. If the cleaner arrives and it is evident the quoted price exceeds the actual services that are needed, i.e. cases where a home has more rooms than were reported, House Cleaning Booking will offer the option for the customer to pay the difference or to accept an incomplete service at the original quoted price.
Customers must have a preferred payment method on file or have completed the payment for cleaning services with House Cleaning Booking before the referred domestic worker arrives to clean. In the event that payment has not been made or no payment method is on file, we will make a reasonable effort to contact you. If payment has not been made by the time the cleaner is scheduled to arrive, service will be subject to cancellation.
Tips are certainly not required however they are appreciated and an excellent way to thank cleaners for great service.

Property Access
In the event that a cleaner is unable to access the property due to a lock out, a $30 fee will be charged in order to cover travel time and fuel expenses.
If you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours before the cleaner is scheduled to arrive. Cancellations made within the 24-hour window will incur a $30 fee. Conversely, if a cleaning is canceled or rescheduled by us without reasonable advance notice, we will offer the cleaning service at a discounted rate.

Appointment Arrival Windows
If you would like to be home while the cleaner is working, please be aware that cleaners will arrive within a one-hour window. Circumstances such as lockouts, traffic, etc. have made this the most effective way for us to service our customers. In the event that your cleaner is running late, we will give you a call and let you know the new arrival time.

Clean Green
If you prefer eco-friendly products, please either provide the preferred products or request that the referred domestic worker bring those supplies. Cleaners will bring their own supplies unless told otherwise.
Heavy Lifting
Cleaners are happy to clean anything you need, however If you would like your referred domestic worker to clean behind large appliances or heavy furniture such as couches, we advise you to move these items beforehand or create clear access. Many cleaners will not move heavy furniture or use tall ladders as it is a safety hazard and may put cleaners in danger of injury.
Last Minute Changes
If you require changes to service while the cleaner is present, you must call House Cleaning Booking directly and we will contact the cleaner to determine if he or she can perform the requested additional services. The referred domestic worker is not required to adhere to changes at the time of service.

The customer may terminate this agreement up to 24 hours before scheduled service. If a customer is found in breach of this agreement House Cleaning Booking reserves the right to immediately terminate this agreement.
Customer Agreements and Guarantees
The customer guarantees and agrees: to provide a safe working environment for the referred domestic worker; to provide a working environment where the cleaner will have unencumbered access to the areas of the home where service is being provided; to provide access to facilities and any and all utilities required to complete the cleaning service including but not limited to electricity, hot and cold water, and trash bins; the customer is authorized to use the premises and contract services at said address;  to remove or move any heavy furniture or items if requesting the referred domestic worker to clean behind or underneath such items i.e. couches, chairs, appliances etc.; to secure or remove any valuables such as artwork, cash and items of sentimental importance before cleaning service is provided.
Privacy Policy
Information provided by the customer to House Cleaning Booking LLC will be used for providing service. House Cleaning Booking LLC agrees not to share any customer information with third party individuals who are not directly involved with the services provided (unless required by law). House Cleaning Booking LLC will make every effort to keep customer information secure and prevent misuse, alteration, disclosure, unauthorized access or loss.

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